Overview of HymenopteraMine

Below is a brief summary of the layout of HymenopteraMine:

Home – The home page for HymenopteraMine.

Templates – List of templates that users may select from based on the nature of their query.

Lists – Allows users to upload lists of genes and perform enrichment analyses. Logged-in users may save their lists for future use.

QueryBuilder – Allows users to build custom queries by browsing the HymenopteraMine data model and customize their results. The queries may be exported to a number of formats including XML.

Regions – Genomic Region Search page where users may enter genomic coordinates and fetch features that fall within the interval. The interval may be extended to increase the range of search.

Data sources – Table of all data sources with their links, date of download, and related publication(s).

Help- Links to the HymenopteraMine tutorial.

API – Describes the InterMine API that allows users to programmatically access HymenopteraMine.

HGD Blast – Links to a Blast page where users may BLAST their sequence(s) of interest with the Hymenoptera species reference genome, CDS sequences, and protein sequences.

MyMine – Once users are logged in, MyMine serves as portal for accessing saved lists and saved templates. Users may also check their account details and manage their account using MyMine.