HymenopteraMine v1.4 DocumentationΒΆ

HymenopteraMine is an integrative resource for genomic data on Hymenoptera, including honeybees, ants, wasps, etc. Powered by InterMine, it provides a user-friendly way to access genomic, proteomic, interaction and literature data. HymenopteraMine is a part of the Hymenoptera Genome Database.

This tutorial is aimed at giving users an introduction to the different parts of HymenopteraMine and how users can make the most of HymenopteraMine.


Main site: http://hymenopteragenome.org/hymenopteramine

HGD YouTube Channel with HymenopteraMine Videos: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC1NVFd9buEtlbA2mcdq0MXQ

List of available datasets in HymenopteraMine: http://hymenopteragenome.org/hymenopteramine/dataCategories.do